Edward Morris, Jr.

Board member

Edward’s first night on a boat was on Back Creek with his younger brother Warren when they were kids spending time on their Uncle Douglas’s wooden Chris-Craft. They were fascinated by the sound and feeling of the waves rocking the boat and seeing crabs and fish at the bottom of Back Creek. Later, his father-in-law, James H. Taylor, convinced he and his wife Tanya, that cleaning his sailboat was fun. They spent many weekends aboard, cleaning and polishing by day and walking across the bridge to enjoy evenings downtown. Tanya’s dad, a member of the Seafarers Yacht Club until his death, convinced them to join the Seafarers, seriously increasing their addiction to sailing and cruising the Bay. Sadly, they have witnessed the Creek’s deterioration: discarded trash, fuel spills,raw sewage, red tides, and fish kills.