Seafarers and Sea Scouts

The Seafarers family is organizing a new Sea Scout Ship in Annapolis and invites you to join us! Sea Scouts was founded in England in 1910 as an extension of Scouting. It was adopted by Boy Scouts of America in 1912, making it one of the oldest types of units in scouting. Sea Scouts is for boys and girls aged 13-21, and promotes seamanship, citizenship, personal fitness, leadership, and community service. We promote a lifelong love of the sea, as both a career and for recreation. For more information about youth applications, volunteering as an adult advisor, or exploring partnerships, please contact Dr. Derrick L. Cogburn, Skipper of our new Sea Scout Ship. To download our new Seafarers Sea Scouts brochure, please click here (PDF file).
For a free Sea Scout manual, please see here:


What will you Learn?

  • Marine Safety

  • Sailing and Navigation

  • Galley Skills

  • Fellowship and Fun

Photos courtesy of Sea Scouts, B.S.A

Seamanship, Citizenship, Personal fitness, leadership

Our Sea Scout Ship is organized to promote seamanship, citizenship, personal fitness, leadership and community service in Annapolis, Maryland and surrounding communities.

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Youth Leaders and Adult advisors

  • Derrick Cogburn, Skipper

  • Tanya Morris, Mate: Program

  • William Woodward, Mate: Administration

  • Edward Morris, Treasurer

  • Noemi Enchautegui-de-Jesus, Secretary


  • Ade Adebisi, Chair

  • Errol Schwartz, Vice-Chair

  • Benjamin McCotry

  • Permelia Addison

  • Melville Wyche

  • Patrick Osborne

Roster of Technical experts

  • Marc Rotenberg, Maistros Sails

  • Marcus Asante, Marine Arts Workshop

  • Howard Kea, NASA

  • Jonathan Romero, Hampton University Sailing

  • Pablo Molina, Odyssey Sailing

  • Jeffrey Wetting, Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast


Marine Safety

Our Sea Scout Ship promotes Marine Safety, especially through a partnership with United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 24-09, based in Bowie, Maryland


Sailing and Navigation

We promote a high degree of piloting, boat handing, navigation, weather, and marlinspike seamanship skills (which includes learning knots and line handling)


Galley skills

Sea Scouts are expected to plan at least one "long cruise" each year, and need to plan for provisioning and meal preparation.