Summer Youth Program

The Seafarers Foundation Summer Program is the flagship project of the Seafarers Foundation. Since 2008 the Foudation has led this important initiative, building on the previous work in this area of the Seafarers Yacht Club, Inc. The Summer Youth Program is designed to save the lives of our children through water safety. The Summer Program focuses on teaching swimming to our children. 


multi-level Swimming instruction

Given the high level of drowning for  African American youth, the key element of the Seafarers Foundation Summer Program is our swimming instruction. We start the swimming instruction with a professional assessment of current ability, and then divide the participants into beginning, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. Each level is then given swimming instruction appropriate for their abilities.


Sailing and boat safety

Another major component of the Summer Youth Program is a focus on marine safety. This includes safety on boats, both sail and power, safety in marinas (including non-swimming in marinas and walking on docks), and weather.



In addition to the marine elements of the summer program, we focus on teaching our participants basic etiquette, including table manners, and conversation.